Monday, October 19, 2015

There's a recycle bin for your Site Collection! Thank you PowerShell

As a SharePoint infrastructure administrator, I'm all about being able to delegate the ability to manage site collections to the users that really care about the data in that site. HOWEVER, sometimes even the most well intentioned site collection administrator may do the unthinkable and delete their own site collection and all the sub-sites within! If that happens in SharePoint 2013, however, you have no need to panic. Because you get to have one of these:
You get to go dumpster diving in a SharePoint Site Collection Recycle Bin!
But wait, you say, how do I get to this recycle bin when the normal way to access the recycle bin is a that Site collection Root, which I just deleted? The answer is... you guessed it, PowerShell!

Since the recycle bin is really maintained at the database level your site collection is still available for recovery, it is just a matter of using the right commands to undelete your site collection!

It's going to be a one-two punch.
1) Get your deleted site collection ID
2) Restore the deleted site collection

1) Get-SPDeletedSite | Select Path, SiteID

This will give you a list all the deleted site collections with their site collection ID values

2) Restore-SPDeletedSite -identity 4bfa0e0c-4e34-3b2a-9134-a23b13ababe1

The second command will restore the site collection and all subwebs from the recycle bin - no DBAs need to be awakened from their slumber!

Happy restoring!


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